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BuildSMART Trailer: A Year in Review

01 Jan 2018 8:17 AM | Anonymous

It has been an active and eventful year for the BuildSMART (Sustainable Materials And Resource Trailer)! Your favorite environmental education classroom-on-wheels made its way up and down the south coast of California, visiting places such as Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties, inspiring over 1,000 people to build green!

Since its return from Los Angeles in March, the BuildSMART has attended several Earth Day events, celebrated at the Ventura 4th of July festival, entertained hundreds of kids during Storyfest, and even had lunch with employees at Patagonia. The trailer has inspired students, children, home owners, contractors, and the public at large.

Teaching the public about sustainability is not always an easy topic. Sometimes green building is described as an unnecessary expense, but as attendees explore the trailer, ask questions about how to implement various building elements, and weigh the potential benefits, sustainability becomes a tangible way to help lower operating costs, reduce environmental impact, and improve the health and wellness of people in the building.

Programmable thermostats, recycled glass countertops, blue jean insulation, and waste heat recovery strategies were the primary topics of conversation this year. Attendees were very interested to hear about the creative ways that they could help reduce their utility bill while creating a more efficient home. When asking the kids at Storyfest what their favorite part of the trailer was, they unanimously pointed and smiled at the dual-flush toilet!

The City of Ventura has graciously housed the trailer this past year and will continue to bring the trailer out to networking and public events throughout the city. Educating the public about building sustainability is one of Ventura’s primary goals for 2018 and years to come. As we inspire the next generation of green builders, we are always looking for new avenues and audiences to share the trailer with.

If you or someone you know would like to see the BuildSMART at an event in 2018, please reach out to admin@ccgreenbuilding.org.


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