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Green Schools Committee

The Green Schools Committee provides a forum for collaboration and outreach within the green building schools market.  The committee reaches out to contractors, architects, parent organizations, students, public officials, and other relevant stakeholders in this market.  The committee's role is to increase awareness of green building in schools and foster knowledge of the LEED® for Schools rating system, and integration with other local schools rating systems. 
For more information, contact: greenschools@usgbcc4.org


Benefits of Green Schools :

A Healthy, Productive Learning Environment: 

According to the Heschong Mahone study, students performed 20-36% better in day lit environments. Other studies show that there is an average of 38.5% reduction in asthma in green schools with improved indoor air quality. And, students attended school between 3.2 and 3.8 days more per year in green schools with full-spectrum lighting, which resulted in increased funding as well as more learning.


Improved Teacher Retention:

Teachers and staff enjoy working in green schools and tend to be more productive and stay longer.

Financial savings: Green schools use, on average, 30-50% less energy and 30% less water which can easily equate to a 10% no-cost savings or between $10,000-$30,000 per year.


Hands-on Learning Experiences & Examples for Students and Community:

Students learn by experience and interaction about sustainable, healthy environments in green schools. They tend to carry this information home and on throughout their lives as they become the next generation of green leaders.



Green Schools Programs : 

Local Advocacy:

Two local leaders, Mayor John Shoals of Grover Beach and Mayor Helene Schneider of Santa Barbara, have taken the important first step of signing on to the U.S. Mayor's Alliance for Green Schools, demonstrating commitment to non-toxic, energy efficient and productive schools.   


Gateway to Green Schools:  

Empower your school using the seven steps to a successful green school by creating a Green Team, declare your environmental vision statement, conduct a school-wide environmental survey, develop an action plan, monitor and evaluate progress, integrate green curriculum, and celebrate your success by spreading the word! 
Begin your green school journey today!

Green Apple Day of Service:  

In conjunction with USGBC National and the Center for Green Schools, Green Apple gives individualscompanies, and organizations, the opportunity to transform all our schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient, and productive learning places where students have clean and healthy air to breath, where energy and resources are conserved, and where they can dream of a brighter future. 
For more information visit  http://mygreenapple.org/

"The green schools movement is the biggest thing to happen to education since the introduction of technology to the classroom"

- Glenn Cook, Editor in Chief of American School Board Journal


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