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Good Food Jobs // CA, US, INTL, remote, internship...

  • 25 Aug 2019 1:19 PM
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     CA, US, INTL

    good (good) (adj.) satisfying; genuine; palatable.

    food (food ) (n.) any nutritious substance that living things eat, drink, or absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

    good food job is a pursuit involving the efforts to nourish one’s own life, and the lives of others.

    Good Food Jobs is a gastro-job search tool, designed to link people looking for meaningful food work with the businesses that need their energy, enthusiasm, and intellect. We post opportunities with farmers and food artisans, policy makers and purveyors, retailers and restaurateurs, economists, ecologists, and more. On our blog, the gastrognomes, we profile the most interesting and unlikely food professionals that we find, and publish their stories to inspire you.

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