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Park(ing) Day

  • 19 Sep 2014
  • C4 Community
What's Park(ing) Day? An open-source global event where citizens, activists and community members join together to transform parking spaces into temporary public spaces or parklits. Originating in San Francisco in 2005, this event has grown into a global movement creating temporary public spaces in urban contexts throughout the globe. Join our C4 community in this global movement, take to the streets, and transform our communities!

Come join C4 at Park(ing) Day in Downtown Ventura to transform Main Street’s open space and celebrate user-generated urbanism. 

AIA VC with the help of the Downtown Ventura Organization is teaming with local businesses and non-profits to explore the potential of the real-estate right outside their doors for something other than parking cars. RNT Architects will be hosting an open design charrette, brainstorming ideas for the City’s under-utilized open space.

The City of Ventura is providing support for this event by offering to reserve parking spaces for participants. Spots can be reserved by emailing parkingdayventura@gmail.com or through PARKing Day Ventura’s facebook page.

'Providing temporary public space... one parking spot at a time.'


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