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City of San Luis Obispo Community Forum

  • 08 Jan 2013
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Ludwick Community Center, San Luis Obispo, CA

City is setting budgeting for the next 2 years!


6:00 Welcome Mayor

6:05 Process, Current Goals, Measure Y Priorities and Fiscal Outlook City Manager/

Interim Finance & IT Director

6:30 Public Comment

1. Members of public who desire to speak complete public comment cards and indicate topic.

Where a group has several members present, we encourage them to select a spokesperson and

have others in their group indicate support for the same position with a show of hands.

2. We invite each speaker to address:

a. What do you recommend as a Major City Goal?

b. Why is it important to you and the City?

c. How do you suggest that it might be accomplished?

3. Facilitator calls upon a speaker and identifies general topic.

4. Department Head in the budget category for the topic steps up to write the idea on a flip chart

sheet and clarifies any linkages with existing programs or plans.

5. Staff posts the public comment in the relevant budget category.

6. All participants provided with half-page “post-its” to note any suggestions or concerns about

the ideas.

8:40 Closing remarks Mayor

8:45 Participants Vote on Top Priorities with Dots (no more than 1 green and orange dot per item)

9:00 Adjourn


Prepare handouts on budget process; current goals & objectives and Measure Y Priorities; and

Community Priorities Survey results.

Set up the room with posting area for each of the budget categories.

Provide participants with half-page post-its.

After receiving public comments, provide the following adhesive dots per attendee: 6 orange for top

Measure Y priorities and 6 green for overall goal priorities.


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