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Green Schools Seminar - Energy Management Part A: Conservation and Efficiency Upgrades

  • 19 Apr 2012
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Ludwick Community Center, 864 Santa Rosa Street, SLO

The seminar is titled “Energy Management (PART A): (1) Conservation and (2) Efficiency Upgrades” and will include a very informative panel of experts from our county. All of the details of the Action Group and the Seminar Series is located below in case you missed it. What will the seminar cover?


1.      Each of our involvement with greening school(s) in our county, specifically relating to energy conservation and/or energy efficiency

2.      Relevant case study(s) regarding energy conservation and/or energy efficiency

3.      Scalable “sustainability solutions” (technologies, good practices) that might be useful for other people/schools/districts

4.      The biggest remaining barriers to our efforts on this topic, to the county’s efforts, and ideas for how to address this

5.      What are the most important lessons we can learn from others’ experiences with energy management at our schools



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